Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progress report

I have been doing really well yesterday and today. Yesterday I ate pretty well, only slipped up by eating a bunch of pasta after work. Today I had a protein shake for breakfast and half a can of yucky lentil soup for lunch (I like lentil soup but evidently not this particular brand). I am thinking of getting a veggie delite sub from subway. Not sure if I will be able to withstand the craving. I am pondering it (I should probably try to take my mind off food all together). I exercised for an hour and fifteen minutes yesterday when I didn't really want to go to the gym in the first place. I had a healthy dinner (fake chicken patty with barbecue dipping sauce, frozen butternut squash, broccoli) and lots of water.

I was reading a lot of articles on diet and physical activity for a school project and for fun. One thing I learned about deciding among healthy and unhealthy changes: if you think you are making an isolated choice and that you will make better choices in the future, you will probably continue to pick crappy choices. If you view your current choice as a series of choices that you will continue to make into the future, you are more likely to go with the healthier option. This is very relevant to my interests. I always say well I will eat this crap now because I know I am almost ready to start making healthy choices, or I will start tomorrow with the consistently healthy choices, or, I feel it in my heart that I will live healthy 'one day'. I will keep this new concept I learned in mind going forward when I am tempted to make the same old destructive choices.

I also learned that scholars really don't think 'diets' work, that is, attempting to significantly restrict calories. They say that it doesn't work because sooner or later the mental anguish you are putting yourself through is too much and you will typically eat even more than you would have if you ate moderately all along. Also even if you do lose, people tend to regain and whats worse is, their metabolism has changed such that new weight is typically fat rather than muscle or whatnot. The article I read stressed working on overeating, rather than trying to undereat. So focus on times when you know you over do it, instead of trying to eat way under. Also, the article talked about working on emotional eating, eating when you are bored or tired or stressed. for instance, I know I am doing that right now. I am not even really that hungry, since I had my shake and soup, but I am craving that happiness I know I would feel by biting into a delicious mayonaisse-ey sandwich with crunchy veggies and soft bread (I don't even know why I am indulging myself by describing the deliciousness of it!).

So anyway, that is what i learned today. I hope this helps someone out there.



Jonny said...

Keep at it man, i experience exactly the same problems as you do, and I don't know how to beat them.

Anonymous said...

I struggled with these discipline issues for YEARS and you know what helped me grasp them for the most part? Find something that gives you enough joy that for that 'thing' you want to have order and fitness in your life. For me that has been art...painting...and going to school. Having the house in order or being fit does not matter enough to me unless there is a purpose for it. Find your joy and the rest will follow:)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I haven't read all of your entries yet, so excuse me if you've touched upon this already. But have you been evaluated by a professional for Attention Deficit Disorder? I can relate to many of your challenges. Since I was diagnosed and treated (medication AND therapy, along with as learning new skills)I have made huge progress in overcoming them. The ADHD label stirs up strong feelings, but if you read about the brain style associated with this label and all the research they have documented you will find a wealth of information that just might help you, even if you choose to opt out of the medication route. Please consider this. I truly feel for you as I do know the pain you are feeling. Good luck, and never ever give up on yourself. There is always hope.